• Cardano (ADA) has announced recent improvements in preparation for the Voltaire age, including progress on the Conway ledger and CIP-1694.
• The team is making advances in fundamental technology and APIs, as well as creating new features to handle whitelisting of dApps.
• Cardano encourages community leaders to host governance workshops and provide regular updates through town halls and newsletters.

Cardano Reveals Development Update Ahead of Voltaire Age

Cardano (ADA) has announced recent ecosystem improvements in preparation for the upcoming Voltaire age. This last stage of cardano’s evolution will introduce an entirely decentralized decision-making system, with the first iteration being CIP-1694. Additionally, Cardano has encouraged community leaders to host their own governance workshops, providing regular updates through town halls and newsletters.

Recent Ecosystem Improvements

The ledger team has been making progress on fundamental technology with Plutus v3 support for Conway and changes to delegation certificates. To handle permitted dApp whitelisting, the Lace desktop development team has eliminated technological debt, enhanced packaging and unit testing capabilities, and created a new functionality. Plutus maintained development on Marconi indexers and Plutus built-in functions for BLS12-381 curves while Adrestia responded to community input after the Lace launch. In light of the final audit, Marlowe revised their report while scalability work was split between Hydra and Mithril teams.

Daedalus Team Updates

Due to API difficulties, Daedalus deleted Catalyst fund data from its wallet but is also working on ways to allow users to get ADA price independently of CoinGecko API. This includes allowing users access to other data sources such as IOHK’s internal pricing service or Chainlink price feeds when available in Daedalus mainnet version 1.4 or higher version releases post-Voltaire activity period activation. Furthermore, Daedalus introduced a new feature called ‘Resume Setup’ which enables users who have lost their recovery phrase due to an accidental uninstallation or hardware failure can restore their wallets without having to start from scratch again by using seed words saved during setup process previously done by them earlier before any problem occurred..

Community Involvement

Cardano encourages community leaders worldwide to host their own governance workshops with funding provided by Cardano itself in order improve overall understanding among all stakeholders regarding proposed decisions that may be implemented into protocol layer later on along with getting involved into discussion forums & surveys related activities taking place over time across various social media channels like telegram & discord etc..

Regular Updates

To keep up on what’s happening in Project Catalyst attend weekly town hall meetings along with reading out newsletter sent out periodically containing all relevant details about ongoing development taking place internally at Cardano Foundation either directly or indirectly benefiting end user experience making it much better compared earlier one in a secure & private manner eventually leading towards more adoption rates at large scale both from inside & outside crypto space throughout globe .

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