Deadmau5 joins forces with Emanate and offers 100,000 dollars of NFT

The musician Deadmau5 has started using Emanate, an Eos-based music platform (EOS). He also offers art objects in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Deadmau5 has announced its arrival on Emanate, a music platform based on the Eos blockchain. It allows artists to be rewarded when listeners play their tracks, instantly. The network works thanks to a Bitcoin Rush native token, the EMT. Emanate hopes to attract major artists, so the collaboration with Deadmau5 is particularly welcome for the platform.

For the moment, the service is offered in its Alpha version. Emanate hopes to eventually attract 200,000 artists, with 5 million basic accounts by 2023, which would enable it to generate $324 million in turnover each year.

Collector’s NFTs for the fans

To celebrate the arrival of Deadmau5 on the platform, Emanate facilitated a collaboration between the musician and the artist Sutu. Announced by Deadmau5 a few days ago, it allows a work to be made available in the form of NFT. It is an „audio-reactive“ piece, i.e. it evolves with the music being played, in this case the SATRN piece.

According to the artist, the work evokes „a new frontier […] represented by crypto art and NFT. We are all explorers and the community encourages us to go further. »

Deadmau5 is also offering another series of NFTs, worth a total of $100,000, which will be offered on the WAX blockchain starting today.

Music and blockchain, a marriage that works?

As mentioned, the art sector and the blockchain can marry skillfully. As an Emanate publication from May 2019 pointed out, the music industry is undergoing a transformation. The development of streaming platforms such as Spotify and Deezer has enabled the sector to grow its turnover again, while the decline in CDs has caused sales to plummet:

Music streaming sales

But this new model may prove unfavourable for artists who have to go through rather greedy intermediaries. This is why the development of platforms based on the blockchain could allow artists to offer their content directly to their fans.

Moreover, a service like Emanate offers decentralised governance, which allows users to give their opinion on the future of the project. For the time being, this area is still in its infancy, but it could develop in the future, if major artists choose to go this way.

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