• InQubeta is a new crypto crowdfunding platform aiming to revolutionize the industry, integrating blockchain and cryptocurrencies.
• Through its platform, users can invest in AI startup projects using QUBE, a token native to the platform, as well as reward and equity-based NFTs.
• InQubeta has taken measures to ensure security and transparency on its platform with smart contract audits.

Revolutionizing Crowdfunding with InQubeta

InQubeta is a new player challenging existing crowdfunding platforms like Seedrs and Crowdcube with its unique approach and integration of the blockchain. The crypto crowdfunding platform aims to revolutionize the industry by utilizing QUBE, its own token native to the platform. This cryptocurrency allows for direct and frictionless transactions when investing in artificial intelligence (AI) startup projects listed on the platform. Additionally, InQubeta incorporates non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into its crowdfunding model, allowing startups to offer reward and equity-based NFTs to backers for an enhanced investment experience.

Utilizing Cryptocurrencies for Transactions

InQubeta utilizes QUBE as a functional medium for exchanging value within its ecosystem. Investors gain exposure to potentially transformative AI startups through investments made with QUBE on the platform. This provides investors with access to an industry currently reshaping various sectors from healthcare and finance to transportation and entertainment, yielding substantial returns in the long run.

Security & Transparency Measures

In order to ensure security and transparency of its platform, InQubeta has conducted smart contract audits from reputable firms such as Hacken, Block Audit, and Consult. This commitment instills confidence in startups and investors that fraudulent activities or unauthorized access will not occur during transactions on the platform.

Building an Engaged Community

By leveraging blockchain technology into crowdfunding models like Seedrs & Crowdcube have done previously, InQubeta creates an avenue for startups to build a loyal community of engaged investors through offering reward & equity-based NFTs on their marketplace. This innovative approach enhances investor experience even further while providing startups with more resources for success within their project endeavors.


In summary, InQubeta’s crypto crowdfunding model provides investors with secure access to a potentially transformative industry while allowing startups to build a loyal community around their ventures through reward & equity-based NFTs offered on their marketplace

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