• Zeebu, a blockchain platform designed for telecom carriers, has announced strategic partnerships with four key telecom companies.
• The partnership will leverage blockchain technology and Zeebu loyalty tokens to revolutionize the industry.
• The Zeebu token promises increased security, decentralized control, and enhanced efficiency for telecom carriers.

Zeebu Partners With Telecom Carriers

Zeebu, a blockchain platform designed specifically for global telecom carrier businesses, has announced strategic partnerships with four telecom carriers. Through these partnerships, Zeebu hopes to leverage blockchain technology and its loyalty tokens to revolutionize the industry.

Partner Companies

The four partner companies include BBT Voice Limited, Broadband Telecom Inc., BridgeVoice Inc., and Novatel d.o.o.. These partners are projected to generate billions of dollars in transactions annually through the use of Zeebu’s loyalty tokens.

Benefits of Using Zeebu Tokens

The main benefit of using Zeebu’s tokens is that they streamline payments between different carriers, reducing disruptions and allowing instantaneous transactions and round-the-clock settlements. This allows telecom carriers to experience increased security, decentralized control and improved efficiency when conducting business across borders or within emerging markets.

Reactions From Stakeholders

Founder and CEO of Zeebu Raj Brahmbhatt shared his enthusiasm towards this milestone: “We are sure Zeebu’s partnerships with key telecom leaders will usher in a new era of innovation and growth.“ Meanwhile Jernej Kenda from Novatel also expressed excitement about the new partnership: “It will be a game-changer for settlements in the telecom carrier industry,“ he said.


This partnership marks an important milestone in the telecommunications industry as it promises increased security, decentralization control as well as improved efficiency through blockchain technology powered by the use of Zebu’s loyalty tokens.

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