For the first time in the history of an election in the United States blockchain technology will register the winner.

For the first time in history the US election is accompanied by the cryptomoeda Ethereum, which will register up to the winner and his votes. In addition, another cryptomoeda is also being used to do the pioneering work.

Cryptomoeda technology, also called blockchain, has a unique feature. Called even the protocol of trust, the data recorded in a blockchain cannot be modified.

In other words, in a controversial election like Donald Trump’s against Joe Biden in 2020, the blockchain gains ground. The tool was built by a traditional US association, which allows voters to audit the votes.

Once the result is achieved, the election will also be registered in two different public blockchains.

The US election is monitored using the Ethereum and EOS network

One of the most anticipated events in the world in 2020 was certainly the election for president of the United States. This is because, with the dispute between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the course of the next four years for the world’s leading power is yet to be defined.

It is worth noting that this year’s election is marked by a unique moment due to the OVID-19 pandemic. Even so, voters went to the polls to support their candidates and the outcome of the election is awaited.

To track the result in real time, the Associated Press (AP) has launched an innovative tool. Using cryptomorphic technology, the association is following the 2020 election.

The tool’s API is open to the public and keeps track of the counting of votes for president. For this, AP has used the blockchain of Ethereum cryptomoeda and also the EOS.

By the time of writing, AP had counted the votes of 44 states, in total 52. Of those, 23 had chosen Donald Trump as president and 21 had chosen Joe Biden.

The result of the main election of the year will be registered in two blockchains

Then considered the most promising technology for data registration today, the blockchain will have a role in this election. The result of the election will also be registered in both Ethereum and EOS blockchains.

In this way, any citizen of the world who wishes to audit the votes will be able to do so. This initiative can shape how elections are made in the world and even impact the future in the world.

In some countries blockchain technology is in fact already used to hold elections. Recently, Russia used blockchain for the most important vote in the country, and the process was even audited by a Brazilian.

In other words, the adoption of blockchain technology in elections has already started and for US president it is gaining protagonism. Ethereum is the most famous cryptomeda working with smart contracts today. EOS is a protocol that also works in a similar way to Ethereum.

The election data will be published on Everipedia, a Wikipedia competitor using blockchain technology. In this way, the result of the US election for president will be recorded in a public and unchangeable database.

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